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Not sure how to properly cite a source? Holding an internal debate over whether to use a semi-colon or comma? Can't remember whether to do the parenthesis or division first in the order of operations? Take a look below for resources with answers to questions like these, as well as a wealth of other academic hints, tips, and tricks.

Citation Guides & Tools

 Citation Guides

Citation Research Guide

Citation Tools

The following citation management and formatting tools are available to individual users on the Web. The Olin Library does not endorse or support any particular one of these, but we will assist you in configuring your chosen citation tool to work with our resources.

Citation management tools allow you to download citations from databases and websites, and to store, organize, and format those citations. These are good choices for large research projects with many sources, for ongoing research into an area of interest, and for any research where you want to save sources that you might wish to refer to at some point in the future. Citation management tools include:

: A plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari; also available as a stand-alone Windows application.  Free, with additional storage available for purchase.

: A desktop and web program that stores document PDFs. Free, with additional storage and premium features available for purchase. Mendeley is particularly strong working with articles in the sciences.

EndNote: EndNote is the most elaborate and well-established citation management tool, with many advanced features and a steeper learning curve. It is available from the MyTools menu in Web of Science.  You will need to create your own free account.

Other citation formatting tools merely help you word your citations in the appropriate format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). These tools are useful when you won’t need to return to your list of sources after completing an immediate project.

: Free web tool for MLA and APA style citations.

: Free MLA citation formatting, with APA and Chicago/Turabian formatting for a paid subscription.

国产偷拍视频 : Part of Noodletools, a suite of tools for note-taking, outlining, and other writing tasks. Noodle tools requires a paid subscription, but has limited functionality with a free “MLAlite” account.

: A tool for organizing, referencing, and citing articles.  The basic version is free, with additional features available for a fee.

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism


Study Skills

Need help studying? Have difficulty taking decent notes? Get stressed out before exams? Explore some of the following resources to help you improve your studying habits.


: 5-minute video + how to make your own templates in Word

:  Make the most of lecture-based teaching by taking efficient notes.

:  A quick guide to evaluate how you can take better notes.

Reading College Texts

:  Video, very thorough with lots of guidance and examples.

Study Skills

:  Helpful websites at all stages of your learning process and by the academic department.  A treasure trove.

:  Basic study skills in many languages.

: This Virginia Tech site contains a wealth of study skill pages.

: This alphabetized library contains a variety of resources. 

国产偷拍视频 : These videos will give you a brief overview of best study practices.

: Stuck during your study session? Feeling overwhelmed? Check out these tips for getting out of the top 10 studying traps!

国产偷拍视频: Click here for a number of documents, videos, and links.

Writing Support

Rollins College departmental writing guides:

Additional Writing Resources:

: Helpful, discipline-specific guidelines for writing.

: Having trouble formulating your thoughts into a paper? Use this helpful checklist to flesh out your writing.

国产偷拍视频: Harvard offers a variety of guides and strategies for writing; click here to access these.

: Click here for nearly 30 different writing resource guides!

: Purdue's Writing Lab has hundreds of resources to help you on your writing journey!

: The University of Richmond's Writer's Web offers hints and tips for each step of the writing process.

: The University of North Carolina's Writing Center has one of the most comprehensive collections of writing support materials on the web.

: Check here for Dartmouth's resources for their students. 

: Style guides, tips, and expert advice.

Grammar tips:

Also, make sure to check out (and print) these homegrown documents: