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Tutoring and Writing Center

We are currently accepting applications for tutor and writing consultant positions until January 6, 2020. The complete job posting and application instructions can be found on Handshake:

Our schedule will reopen for appointments the week of January 27, 2020.

If you are a graduate student,
please email Mistie Watkins or call us at (407) 646-2607 to get set up in the scheduling system.

What do we do?

The TWC is staffed by content tutors and writing consultants who are students at Rollins. These peer tutors are trained to provide responsive, individualized instruction on a wide range of academic subjects, projects, and assignments.

We are not an editing service or a homework check service; rather, we work with you (usually one-on-one) to help you achieve your academic and intellectual goals. Our content tutors help you learn concepts and skills for your academic courses. Our writing consultants help you draft, revise, and generate ideas for any type of writing you may be working on (and at any stage in your writing process).

Our services are designed for everyone in the Rollins community. Whether you feel you are struggling in a particular academic subject, or you simply want to understand your own learning and writing processes better, our peer tutors are here to offer you meaningful, productive feedback.

Note: All of our services are completely free to use!

Where are we located?

The TWC is on the main (2nd) floor of Olin Library. When you come in through the main entrance to the building, turn left past the circulation desk and walk all the way to the end of the hallway. Turn right to head into the Lakeview Lounge area to find your tutor.

When can you meet with a tutor?

Every semester, content tutoring and writing consulting begin on the third week of classes. Our hours vary according to tutor availability, but we aim to offer a wide range of scheduling options so that you can see a tutor when it is convenient for you. When you log in to  to schedule an appointment, you will be able to select from a range of available tutoring times. If none of the times listed work for you, please contact Mistie Watkins.

NOTE: Our schedule ends on the last day of regularly scheduled classes国产偷拍视频 each semester. We are closed during the week of finals so that our tutors have time to conclude their own coursework. The TWC is also closed when the College is closed (including on Fox Day). 

How do you schedule an appointment?

Because our schedule tends to fill up quickly, we ask that you to see a content tutor or writing consultant in the TWC at least 18 hours in advance. Appointments must be made through EAB/Navigate, and detailed instructions can be found here.

If you require assistance using this software, please email Mistie Watkins国产偷拍视频 or call us at 407-646-2607.


Layne Porta Gordon, PhD
Coordinator, Tutoring and Writing Center 

Mistie Watkins
Associate Coordinator, Tutoring and Writing Center 

Olin Library, Rollins College
1000 Holt Ave. #2772
Winter Park, Florida 32789