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Online Collections

Through its growing online collections, the Archives makes available selected materials digitized from its physical holdings and a growing number of “born-digital” materials (those originally created in digital form, for which no physical copy exists).  See the Materials Use Policy for conditions governing reproduction and publication of online collection materials.

The Tomokan

Published from 1917 to 2007, the Tomokan was Rollins’ college yearbook.  The complete run has been digitized.  Years 1917 to 1930 are accessible through .  Years 1931 to 2007 are accessible through the .

The Sandspur

Published since 1894, The Sandspur is the student newspaper of Rollins College.  Issues from December 1894 to April 2014 have been digitized and are accessible through .  In 2013, the Rollins Web Archives began periodic captures of The Sandspur国产偷拍视频 website, which publishes content supplemental to the print version.  These are accessible through the .

Rollins Scholarship Online

Rollins Scholarship Online (RSO) is the College’s institutional repository, a platform for collecting, describing, organizing, and sharing works that document the scholarly, creative, and professional activities of Rollins College. RSO provides open access to faculty scholarship; Masters of Liberal Studies theses from 2010-present, and Honors Program Theses starting in 2014; current publications such as the SPECS journal of arts and culture; and a growing body of content from Archives and Special Collections, including digitized books, oral histories, student organization records, and faculty governance documents.

Begun in 2013, the Rollins Web Archives documents the historic web presence of the College to ensure that an accurate record of College operations, activities, and communications is preserved and accessible well into the future. In addition to College websites and pages, it selectively captures web content that complements the Special Collections.  Search the Web Archives for ; , and .

Hamilton Holt

Dr. Hamilton Holt (1872-1951), the eighth President of Rollins, fostered a great legacy of expansion and growth for the College.  The pictures contained in this collection span his tenure at Rollins (1925-1949) and also his life. Here you will find a collection of his photos, speeches, and writings. Each image explains some aspect of his legacy.

Faces of Rollins

This collection contains images of ordinary students, famous alumni, faculty and staff, and famed scholars and celebrities who visited Rollins College over the years. It illustrates daily lives and historical events on campus, and commemorates the landmark achievement of the people of Rollins in its distinguished history.

Rollins Architecture and Landscape

国产偷拍视频This collection consists of historical photographs of the College’s buildings and grounds, including: dedications, construction, exterior and interior design and decoration, and landscape scenes.

Student Lives at Rollins

国产偷拍视频This collection provides visual documentation of the student lives at Rollins from a historical perspective: curriculum, rules and regulations, student groups, diversity and multiculturalism, community services, internationalization, student theatrical plays, physical education programs and more.

Treasures at Rollins Archives

国产偷拍视频Items in this collection range from a set of presidential portraits with autographs, to a handwritten note by Walt Whitman, and the sweater and sneakers worn by Mr. Fred Rogers.  Many other historical documents are included, such as a slave sale receipt and land grant certificates from the nineteenth century.

Winter Park and Florida

This collection includes photos, postcards, and historical documents that are related to Winter Park and Florida before the age of theme parks. Through enhanced access to this digital resource, users will be able to learn about lives of early pioneers, homes and haunts, events and people who helped shape the histories of Winter Park and other Central Florida communities.

Genius Reserve

In 1920, Charles Hosmer Morse acquired land situated between lakes Virginia, Berry and Mizell. On this site, he planted citrus groves and carved a scenic road that would later become a local attraction: Winter Park’s treasured Genius Drive.  The Genius Reserve website collects publications, images, maps, and information on this beautiful "working laboratory in landscape restoration and living model of sustainability."

Golden Personalities

Hamilton Holt (1872-1951), eighth president of the College, coined the term Golden Personalities: "men and women of learning whose sole love was teaching, who enjoyed associating with young people, individuals with noble characters."  To honor Holt, this project documents the lives of leading citizens of both Rollins College and the City of Winter Park. 

Oral History Archive

国产偷拍视频While working as the Head of Archives and Special Collections, Professor Wenxian Zhang noticed that Rollins lacked a comprehensive oral history research program.  In the fall of 2004, an oral history seminar was coordinated on campus by the College Archives, the Winter Park Historical Society, and the Winter Park Public Library; the program attracted faculty members from History, Anthropology and English Departments, as well as people from the local historical community.  Based on the workshop, a grant application was submitted for a student-faculty collaborative program, and the Rollins oral history research project was launched in the summer of 2005. A subsequent grant was added five years later, and a series of oral interviews were conducted as part of Rollins' 125th Anniversary celebration in summer 2010.  These interviews prompted the participants to reflect upon their years at Rollins, the challenges they have faced and the accomplishments of their careers in leadership, teaching, scholarship, and community services.