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Human Resources

Benefits Upon Separation

Thank you for your service to Rollins College. If you are terminating your employment or retiring from Rollins College, please carefully review the important information below: 

  1. Submit a letter of resignation to your immediate supervisor and copy HR@orchidrow.comNon-exempt employees are required to give a 2 weeks' notice and exempt employees are required to give a 4 weeks' notice in order to receive full PTO payout. Click here to review the PTO policy. 
  2. Upon your last day of employment your final pay will be deposited in accordance with the published pay schedule. Your final pay will include your earned, but unused PTO balance up to the policy maximum. Please note, prior to final PTO payout, any credited but unearned PTO will be removed from your account.
  3. Please be sure to return all college property, including R card, keys and parking permit to your supervisor.
  4. In accordance with the Rollins IT Users agreement, you may not disclose Rollins College records and information in any way that is inconsistent with its intended use, following your employment with Rollins College. Upon termination from employment with Rollins you must return all confidential college records and information in your possession to the College.
  5. Click here for the benefits Exit Booklet, which includes a summary of your benefits upon termination.
  6. Transamerica will send you a packet to explain your retirement plan options. 
  7. If you are participating in the Rally Wellness program, you must redeem your Rally dollars prior to your last day. 
  8. You will receive a COBRA packet from ICUBA for your corresponding coverage continuation options. Elections and payments are administered through ICUBA and you may contact the COBRA Administration Department at 866-377-5102 with questions or to enroll. If you do not return the election form to the COBRA Administrator within the sixty-day election period, your benefits cannot be continued. If you choose not continue your benefits under COBRA, your benefits will end the last day of the month following your last day worked. 
  9. To be vested in your ICUBA Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) you must have 36 consecutive months participation. If you are vested upon termination, you may continue to use  the HRA accumulations on qualified medical expenses for a monthly administration fee which will automatically be deducted from your account balance. You will have access to the remaining HRA account until the funds are depleted. You may contact ICUBA at 866-377-5102 with questions. 
  10. If you are not vested in your ICUBA HRA, you will be offered COBRA for health insurance with and without the HRA option. An employee can have access to a non-vested balance while on COBRA by paying 102% of the medical premiums AND 102% of the HRA monthly contribution.  Access to a non-vested HRA is only for the length of COBRA and does not count towards vesting. If you do not elect COBRA for health insurance and are not vested, you may not continue to use the accumulation and you have ninety (90) days from your last day of employment to submit claims incurred during the time you were an active employee and participating in the HRA.  
  11. If you are retiring from Rollins, click here for a summary of retirement benefits and eligibility requirements.